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Our partners offer discounts and special conditions for guests living in Apartments 8512

Café in the building
Fitness centre
SPA centre

Fitness Centre

Looking after yourself and your well-being is something that we praise and try to persuade all guests to do.

Another positive of being a guest of 8512 is the rewards you can receive from our partner Dair Fitness Centre.

A convenient central location that works from 07:00 until 23:00 daily.

Common sports area, private female gym, general group workout hall, cycle studio and fitness bar all located in one building.

The gym is supplied with all premier modern equipment from Techno Gym, large changing rooms with showers and infrared saunas.

By turning to our administrators you can find information on all current and future offers depending on length of stay guests.

Special offers for 8512 guests.

Contacts +7(8512) 62-83-85

St. Marfinskaya 15.

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800м from apartments

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  • Spa Academy

    A space of pure bliss and relief where you can get away from your issues to receive your Zen moment.

    An opportunity to sink in entirely to your own bed of comfortable thoughts, a chance to feel the moment with different types of procedures offered.

    With more than 1500 procedures to choose from, only time will tell when your escape is over.

    By turning to our administrators you can find information on all current and future offers depending on length of stay guests.

    Work hours from 08:00 to 21:00 daily(No Weekends).

    Contacts: +7(8512) 99-72-32

    Contacts: +7(8512) 61-26-66

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    1km from apartments.

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  • Supermarket and AlcoMarket Dair

    Located on the first floor of the 8512 building is a popular Astrakhan supermarket chain “Dair”.

    The supermarket is open 24 hours and offers fresh baked goods, ready meals, salads and cakes that are made in house daily. Along with all fresh foods there is a wide selection of dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables and all dietary requirements for kids and adults.

    Right next to the Supermarket is the location of the Alcomarket “Dair”. One of the most recognizable chains in Astrakhan. Here you can find unique sorts of alcohol along with different kinds of snacks that could go with your beverage of choice from all different markets.

    The Supermarket is opened 24 hours, the Alcomarket is open from 10:00 to 22:00.

    Located in 8512 Apartments building.

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    8512 Cafe

    At the heart of Apartment 8512 is the location of 8512 Cafe

    Easy access is provided through a special exit only for our guests, and your visitors can enter through the main entrance on the Arbat. Retro style and home decor will allow you to relax and experience the traditional Astrakhan hospitality. An international, carefully selected menu, along with a collection of spirits and wines, will give you the opportunity to try something new for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    It is also easy to order our dishes to your room by phone or going down to the Coffee Shop yourself.Our team wants to know you personally and make friends with you to advise the freshest pastries and know your desires!

    A discount is available for guests staying in Apartments 8512.

    Working from 07:00 to 23:00(no weekends).

    Located in 8512 Apartments building

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